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My Future Purchace!!!

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                  You can find this at and it is $500.  Although you can customize one or find one much cheeper!

Steves Effect On Me

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Steve hasnt really effected me in my life until recently.  Recently i got the new i pod an i cant stop using it!!  Music is a huge part in my life and it is an insiration to me.  Steve passing has effected those who dont even know him as well because he created new devices like the i pad and without him here he cant create these amazing things that he did in the past.  Steve’s creations were amazing and he was a huge insiration to all of us. We will never forget him!!

The I-Phone 4s….

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A little less than a week ago the i-phone 4s came out! It is a wonderful device and a huge step for apple.  One of the big steps for apple and thier new phone is the 8 mp (megapixel) camera. Along with that they equipt the phone with 1080 that is an amazing image and HD video.  The phone also shows great battery life with its new A5 chip.  The new ios5 is availible to people today so update your devices!!! Also the “s” in ipone 4s stands for sound, like the 3gs this 4s has amazing sound capability were you can use voice commands to tell the phone what to do… what cant this phone do…?

I have the driod x2 and now i am starting to question my purchace…..

I think that i might switch toward the apple devices. I own a 4th generation i-pod touch and it is one of my favorite purchases.  The i-phone 4s is an amazing phone and i migh switch to apple for a phone but i think i am going to wait for the i phone 5 whitch is said to come out in 2012!

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Kevin’s Blog!

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Im just writing this to test my catagories.

Categories and Tags

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Tags and categories are useful for organizing information and posts. Tags are specific words in a series seperated by commas that let that post be found by that word. It’s usually put in the beginning of the post labeled next to the category the post has been filed into. Categories are folders with titles that can sort the post based on what the content is. If there was a post where you talked about school, you could sort it under a “School” category. Then you could add tags such as “school” “work” “boring”.

Tags and categories are similar because they are both sorting features. You can put multiple tags and multiple categories on every post. While tags are just relating words to your post, categories are a way of suming up a post under a single keyword that makes it easy to categorize. Tags are a little more descriptive than categories because of the multiple tags you can put to specify your post.

The main use of these features are for organization, so that posts you made a long time ago are easy to find by clicking a tag relating to it. It’s a way to sort the informative posts from the random posts you make about going to the mall.

To add a tag, you can make it a constant tag under the tag bar, or just add relevant words to the post. To the bottom right of the post, there is a little bar that is labeled “tags”. You seperate the tags by commas or just pressing enter. Each tag will be labeled at the top or bottom of your post depending on the theme. To add a constant tag, you go under the tag bar in the dashboard and do the same. The only difference with this is that you can add a description to this tag.

To add a category, go into the catergory tag on the dashboard. It’s similar to adding a tag. You can put a description on it just like a tag. Then when adding one to your post, you can check off multiple to sort it under multiple categories.

New Page!

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To visit my new page Life After High School CLick on the link.